Child Immunisations

We encourage full immunisation for all children. Clinics are held every Wednesday morning.

Other Immunisations

Influenza, pneumonia and shingles vaccines offered to appropriate risk group of patients in accordance with current guidelines. 

Cervical Smears

These are offered as follows: 

  • Women under the age of 25 will not be called for screening
  • Women aged 25-49 will be called 3 yearly
  • Women aged 50-64 will be called 5 yearly
  • Women 65 and over will be cancelled from the NHS Cervical Screening Programme
  • If they have had one negative smear since their 50th birthday.

They are normally carried out by the practice nurse. 

Diabetic and Coronary Heart Disease

Practice nurse Sharon Evans is specially trained to advise patients with heart disease and diabetes in terms of education, preventative measures, medication and general management of the illness. 

Asthma Care

Practice nurse Janice Palmer is specially trained to advise patients with asthma in terms of education, preventative measures, medication and general management of the illness. 

Therapy for you

Your local FREE NHS talking therapy service. If you have a problem like low mood, anxiety, feeling stressed, have sleep problems or are coping with loss, then we can offer help. Please call 01268 739128 or visit and click the 'get in touch' button. 


Minor surgery & Joint injection Clinic

We offer a dedicated minor surgery and joint injection clinic on Friday mornings. 

Contraceptive Services

We offer Depo-Provera contraceptive injections and long acting reversible contraceptives including intrauterine devices and subdermal contraceptive implants.

Health check 40-74

Senior health check >75

Smoking cessation

We offer in-house smoking cessation service. If you are interested in quitting smoking, please contact the reception to book an appointment. 

Private Medical Examinations

Our Doctors are happy to perform private medical examinations for life insurance, pre-employment, etc. These services are not covered by the NHS and you will be charged the BMA recommended fee. Life Assurance medicals and most pre-employment medicals are usually paid for by the company concerned. When making an appointment please let the receptionist know the type of examination required so we can allow the correct amount of time.